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This list of Best Free PC Games now includes 224 items in various categories. To check out the games, select a category on top of this page or use the box below to view all game items in one huge list.


Love for gaming has no age boundaries. This list has all the games that will be relished by the kids and the elderly alike. It covers freeware games from many different categories and genres that may suit your interests. Since everyone has their own style of gaming and interests for a particular genre, you'll surely find many games that you might love to the core from this list.

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Pause Ahead - "... You’ve woken up in a strange place with the eerie feeling that you’ve been here before. Conquer the treacherous traps by running, jumping and using your power of pausing to get ahead ...": Treasure Arena is an online battle-arena for up to 4 players: "... Pixel Purge is an incredibly polished arcade shooter featuring fast-paced gameplay, stunning graphics and effects, 50 achievements, and more ...": The Art of Dying is a really challenging platformer: Super Mario Eclipse - "... The eclipse stars, a source of mythical powers, have been unleashed upon the world. As a result, the entire Mushroom Kingdom has been shrouded in the shadows of an everlasting eclipse. It is up to Mario to collect these stars, and save everyone from an eternal twilight ...":
"... Colobot is a real-time strategy game. In a way. But it isn't ... Unlike most RTS games, Colobot does not require tactics, but it does require thinking ... Colobot actually has its own interpretation of robot programming, which is done fully by the player, together with a few hints and tips from the trusty SatCom. The programmed robots function at a level similar to the brutality of writing an actual program, which does mean it requires the right amount of accuracy, with the right mix of logic (Colobot: Gold Edition is still in alpha, so for now it is better that you should try the original game - Look under Colobot in Download section):
"... Royal Revolt is a reverse tower defense game with beautiful 3D graphics and intuitive gameplay! Lead your soldiers to victory against your greedy relatives who have stolen your father’s throne ...":
"... TERA takes the fight beyond whack-a-mole monotony with enhanced aiming, dodging, and tactical timing to create intense and rewarding combat. Unlike other MMOs, you can use your controller or keyboard and mouse to control the action like never before. With all the depth you expect from a traditional MMO, plus the intense gratification of action combat, TERA changes all the rules ...":
F.E.A.R. Combat is the complete multiplayer component of F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon). F.E.A.R. Combat includes all the updates, all the new official maps and new official modes released for F.E.A.R. multiplayer in one free downloadable file:
Dracula 13 is a multigenre action platformer merging elements of all major 16-bit platformer games in an unforgettable, short but intense, experience: Ammo Roar is what you get when you throw Super Crate Box and Super Big Gun Adventure in a blender, add a ton of blood and throw a little creative difficulty on top: a fun, arcade shooter: Under the Garden - survival platformer game: Zineth is a game meant to celebrate speed, movement, and twitter: The Black Heart is an 1vs1 fighting game in the tradition of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, only more gothic and tragic: Lux Licentia - short platformer sporting heavy action and combo system: The Defender II - Play as a powerful mage, a mighty warrior or a strategic builder to stop the growing threat of the ghosts. Evolve your character in the direction you want, choose right or it might be your last choice. Survive until dawn, or die trying: What’s in the Box? - Carefully navigate your extending arm through the levels carrying a box you must keep safe at all times, however your arm and the box can’t always go through the same places: Blitz Meet - Strike the metal ball at your opponent's wooden door to free the monster behind it; turning him into finger-food instantly. Use the powers from the pedestal like ember rain, phantom split, the slip, and the CHAIN ARM to aid you in this battle to the death: Uberleben is a 1-7 player survival game in which your sky-diving plans go horribly awry. You must avoid the oncoming obstacles in order to reach your landing point. You can either try to survive with your friends or try to kick them to an icy death: Ninja Senki - fast-paced platformer: You Have to Win the Game is an exploration platformer with a retro 1980s PC aesthetic: Starfighter - game from the movie The Last Starfighter: Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch - retro styled first person shooter is designed around the look and feel of the 8-bit Mega Man games: Megaman Unlimited is a Megaman fan-game in the classic 8-Bit NES style both in sound and visuals: Mayhem Triple: Antibody is an intense microbe shooter where the goal is to stay alive and achieve a high score: AlterEgo is a multi-level, platform game where you navigate around platforms, obstacles and monsters to collect jumping pixels. You have an alter ego or phantom twin that mirrors your moves from across the screen. When the hero moves, the alter ego moves too in a mirrored fashion. In some levels the movements are mirrored horizontally, in other ones they are mirrored vertically. You can switch between the hero and his alter ego limited number of times in a level:
Ice Breaker - The aim of the game is to charge up power generator and don't become frozen: Wild Heroes - When hostile monsters overrun his home and kidnap his best friend, Ryan the Lion and his partner, Simon the Mouse, take to action to get to the bottom of these strange happenings. Along the way they will traverse several different environments, meet invaluable allies, and battle a persistent foe: Lolblocks - is a funny platform logic game where you have to stack blocks. Monochrome side by side standing blocks disappear. In Lolblocks there are 35 levels in various difficulty levels and they all open new features, bonuses and other stuff: Gray and Green - Help Mubly to color the world again. Murlan the wizard turned the world gray: Secret Agent Dorito: Helicopter Hero - Take flight on perilous missions into the heart of enemy territory. Boost your score by eliminating all hostiles: infanty, anti-air, aircraft, and more:
CyberMedic - Play a rollerblading paramedic as you leap from roof top to roof top. Attempt to get across the urban jungle of Amana as quick as possible to save someone's life: Warp - A short platform game with 30 levels. Warp yourself to the end of the game through different worlds: Death Worm: Rhytmic - Fast paced shmup with flashy lights and colours, where every action you do is in sync with the music. Includes Online Highscores, Extreme Powerups and Epic Boss Battles: Sleepshooter is a platform view puzzler: Astatine is a rather dark platform game with focus on combat, exploration and storyline: Geo Clash - Try to survive as hundreds of angry shapes try to catch you. Level up and use more powerful weapons as you rack up your kills. Earn achievements and play through story mode: Hedgehogs is a free 2D physics puzzle game targetted at the casual gamer. Your goal is to figure out how to use the blocks and their physics to roll the hedgehogs to the inflated frogs and make the hedgehogs' stings blow the frogs up: Purple is a platform game, similar to Super Mario World. Explore varied levels filled with secrets and bonuses, while smashing blocks and enemies with your frisbee;
Unloved is a Doom2 mod that takes you into a whole other world. Inspired by the Silent Hill video game series, this horror modification for Doom2 takes you deep down into the depths of insanity and chaos. It’s hard, it’s cold, it’s Unloved: GunDude Game - extremely difficulty platformer:
World of Warplanes is a massively multiplayer online game dedicated to the golden era of military aviation: Alliance of Valiant Arms - free-to-play online first-person shooter: EXO Shift - A high-speed action-racing game where pilots bolt illegal after-market parts onto their vehicles mid-race: Lifted - A first-person physics platformer in which players use futuristic trampolines to navigate a massive abstract cyberscape: Towering Skies is a side-scrolling shoot-emup that takes place in the land of Solis. As the mercenary pilot of the Skytanic, you’re tasked with fighting off the invading alien forces of Xentera. You will shoot your machine, missiles, and overcharge laser through swarms of corrupted enemies to collect powerups and save your home world: Flipit - An addictive Flash game featuring a combination of platforming and puzzles that offers a unique twist on turn based strategy for everyone to enjoy. Spin the level to use items and help"iT" overcome obstacles and reach the exit on all 24 levels: Synchrony is a first-person puzzle shooter game where objects in the environment are used to eliminate enemies and traverse obstacles. Equipped with a device that phases objects in and out of existence, you will bring back bridges to get across gaps, phase in weights to crush enemies, and more. The device also allows you to nail enemies to surfaces for a few seconds, so use order and timing to your advantage as you make your way through a mysterious medieval monastery: Madnetic is a 2d sidescroller puzzle solver using flash and physics 2D: Nimbus is a 2.5D side scrolling platformer. Help Griff Zochran as he tries to stop his infernal invention, the airship named Nimbus: Emoticon - A sidescrolling action platformer in which players are empowered with 3 emotional abilities used to wreak havoc on alien invaders: Moon Child - A 3D platformer set inside a child's imagination: Soul Shift - A Hack'n'Slash adventure about a girl who inherits the power of the goddess of life and the god of death: UnBoxed - A first person puzzle game in which the players control Zirk the alien to solve the puzzles: Fragment - A sci-fi, first person stealth action game: Halbjorn's Wrath - An action packed 3rd person shooter/brawler in which a bear retakes his forest: Bullet Ride is a 3rd person fast paced action game where the player steers a bullet through an art deco world:
"... Vicinity The Game Vicinity – Warp Reality Plot: You play as Claire, the cool awesome girl you see at the homepage. Guide her into a maze of puzzles with the help of your AnDroid Assistant (A.D.A) in search of the Control Cube, allowing one to warp reality. Along the way, with A.D.A as your guide, you find the Dynamic Force Manipulator (D.F.M) which allows you to control forces within objects. You use the D.F.M to aid yourself in the search for the Cube. Your Mission – Get the Cube and Get out. Mechanics: Dynamic Force Manipulator – Controls forces within objects, which enables Claire to attract and repel objects. Control Cube – Warps reality. Gives Claire the ability to manipulate vectors. Claire can record a set movement along a path, save it, and replay it in order to reach otherwise unreachable areas ...":
"... What is Super Monday Night Combat? Super Monday Night Combat is a free to play, strategic, multiplayer shooter… and the most popular lethal sport of the future! It blends intense tactical combat, a deep metagame, an ever-expanding roster of Pros, and an ever-growing amount of customizations ...":
Theseus and the Maze - Get trough the maze as fast as possible with as many diamonds as possible for a highscore: 100% logical: Sprint - King of the Jungle - "... Sprint, the super fast lion is here! Help him to overcome the jungle by using his formidable roar to activate gimmicks and get the help of other animals and try to get the speed medals to receive a beautiful surprise ...": Essence child - maze game with level editor: Baghead bandit - "... Play over 40 levels in 7 different worlds as Baghead Bandit, to collect jewels and save your girlfriend. Secrets and unlockables add more to do if you like ...":
Unitron2 is a fast paced arcade- shooter with: - 6 Game modes - 6 Weapons - 20 Unique enemies - 3 secondary weapons - Upgrades - Online highscores - Achievements - Options Unitron 1 can be found here:
SavageXR - Free Real-Time Strategy Shooter:
"... Dungelot is a fun casual roguelike that plays almost like a strategic Advent Calendar. Flip over tiles to reveal amazing treasures or deadly monsters in your search for the key to exit the level. While your eventual demise is all but guaranteed, you can use your loot from previous runs to build up your characters and ensure each run can be at least a little deeper ...":
"... Mario Builder is a long-running project designed to let anyone easily create their very own Mario games! There are TONS of things to choose from: 15 power-ups, Over 100 different enemies, Over 1100 tiles, a wide variety of platforms and obstacles, secret exits, over 40 songs, over 40 backgrounds, 5 Yoshi colors, and much more! With the ability to upload songs, backgrounds, and tiles, this list goes on infinitely! There is also an overworld editor, title screen editor, an example file, a storyline writer, and the best feature of all which is your imagination and creativity to make the best game possible ...":
"... Of Light & Shadow is a puzzle-platformer with a "light" twist, combining two areas in each Level, light and shadow, as well as two protagonists in one playable character, Dr. Shadow and Mr. Light. While either of them can only survive in either light or shadow areas, the player must constantly switch between them and make the right decision about whose abilities to utilise ...":
"... Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles is a Castlevania fan game. Although lots of sprites and backgrounds are inspired from the Castlevania series, All of the graphics are homemade (There are no ripped graphics) ...":
Gang Garrison 2 is a free multiplayer 'demake' of Valve's Team Fortress 2:
Sqrxz 3 is a Jump’n'Run which will please the hardcore gamer amongst you. You need fast fingers and a fast brain:
Blizzard's 16-bit platformer Blackthorne is now available as free download:
Kingdom - A very minimal strategy game that encourages you to stop and enjoy the scenery every now and then:
Warface - Free-to-play online first person shooter: